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Success Stories

  • Towards an Independent and Sustainable Future : A Case on Women Empowerment:

Smt. Uttam Sahu is the resident of Santarapur village, Angul, Odisha. She is the widow of Late Susil Rath who used to work in Rajasthan as a mason. She has two children the elder one is a son who is 8 years old and the younger one is a daughter who is 6 years old. During March 2012 her husband expired due to heart attack. That time her family was staying in Rajasthan. After her husband’s death she left her in-laws house along with her children and started living with her father. In that time she was worried about her livelihood, children’s education & their future. In February 2014 she came to know about skill development training programmes to be organized at Angul under CSR initiative of Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. that was offering post training employment opportunity. She grabbed the opportunity and applied for the training programme. Eventually she got selected for the skill development training on Readymade Garments which was a 3 months course. During the training she proved herself to be a serious and sincere learner. She quickly learned the art of cutting cloth, stitching & designing of readymade garments products.

The management session taken by the officials of POWERGRID, WEBCON, Industrial Promotion Officer at Angul and Bank Manager of Odisha Gramya Bank helped instil the required confidence & motivated her to start something of her own. After the training, she received guidance from POWERGRID and WEBCON and started her own home based enterprise and at present she is earning Rs.3,500/- per month from manufacturing blouse, petticoat, salwar & school dresses for children. She intelligently utilized the stipend amount to purchase a sewing machine and used toolkits, given after the training, as startup assets. At present, Smt. Uttam Sahu is happy since she is able to provide better education, better food and see smiling faces of her children. She is thankful to POWERGRID for helping her become independent and providing a roadmap for a secured future for her and her family.

  • Story of reclamation of Chirang Reserve Forest, Kokrajhar, Assam:

The story stated with POWERGRID looking out for an appropriate vendor to undertake large scale plantation in the North Eastern Region. During the course of the hunt a small article had appeared in a newspaper about an Institution known as Eco-Task Force, based in Kokrajhar district, which was undertaking large-scale plantation. After a series of discussion a pilot project was initiated for planting 10,000 saplings towards reclamation of Chirang Reserve Forest. Getting saplings in large numbers were proving to be a bottleneck for large scale plantation, therefore setting up of a nursery, capable of generating saplings in millions, was felt essential. This dream was soon converted to reality with The Bodoland Development Autonomous Development Council coming forward and allotting 100 Hec of land for the said nursery. POWERGRID chipped in with the requisite funds and The Eco-Task Force with the management. Very soon the nursery was up and running yielding an estimated 1o lakhs saplings. With the supply of saplings assured; the project of reclamation of forest cover received a major boost and 1,00,000 saplings were planted in an area of 100 Hc of Chirang Reserve Forest. The said plot of land is fenced and protected. Gradually the saplings are growing to become full scale trees and hopefully the Chirang Reserve Forest will reclaim its lost glory. 

  • The band of boys:

A group of friends in their early 20’s belonging to villages near Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu, often used to spend time together gazing at the Transmission Line Towers passing through the lush green paddy fields near their village, wishing to scale its mighty heights some day. Their dreams soon turned into reality when they learnt of a 3 months, all expenses paid, Capacity Building training programme of “Power Transmission Line Tower Erection” being conducted by POWERGRID with forward integration with employment. Today all the band of boys are gainfully employed with the contractors / sub-contractors of POWERGRID, after successfully completing their training program, and are earning adequately to provide for their families. Similar programmes are being conducted at two other locations in Salakati, Assam and Nagpur, Maharastra.