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Domestic Consultancy

POWERGRID has a large network of primary transmission system of 220 EHV substations and over 1,68,140 circuit kms of transmission lines and Transformation Capacity of 4,19,815 MVA as on 31st October 2020. Building upon its un-matched techno-managerial excellence in various fields of power system, POWERGRID has been providing one stop consultancy services to State owned utilities, Private utilities, Central Public Sector Undertakings and Government departments. It has a client base of around 175 in power sector and is expanding.

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We have established ourselves  as one of the leading consultants in the field of Power Transmission, Sub-transmission, Distribution, Load Despatch & Communication and Telecom sectors.

The objective of diversifying into Consultancy is:

  • To supplement Regulated income
  • To leverage In-house Techno-Managerial Expertise
  • To Spearhead & sustain the Government initiatives of Private participation in Transmission through JV & Independent Power Transmission Company
  • To develop Intra State Transmission System through Deposit work / JV /competitive route to avoid gaps in Power Supply Chain
  • To supplement the efforts of international interconnection with Neighbouring countries for optimal resource utilization.
  • To explore the avenues for manufacturing of Tower / Conductor /Transformer / Reactor / Insulator to meet the challenges of Tariff Based Competitive Bidding in domestic market & to be competitive in international market.

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