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Company Overview


  • A “Maharatna” Central Public Sector Enterprise.
  • India’s largest Electric Power Transmission Utility
  • Listed Company since 2007
  • Consistently rated “Excellent” under Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Power since 1993-94
  • Credit Rating

​        International Ratings (consistent with Gol's Sovereign rating)

  • Standard & Poor's - BBB- (Outlook-Stable)
  • Fitch - BBB- (Outlook-Stable)
  • Moody’s – Baa2- (Outlook-Stable)


  • CRISIL - CRISIL AAA/Stable (Highest Safety)
  • ICRA - [ICRA] AAA/Stable (Highest Safety)
  • CARE - CARE AAA (Highest Safety/Lowest Credit Risk)
Key Statistics (As on September 30, 2021) #

  • 170,724 ckm Transmission Lines
  • 262 Sub-Stations
  • >99 % System Availability
  • 451,351 MVA Transformation Capacity



  • Transmission related consultancy to more than 150 domestic clients
  • Global footprints in 20 countries catering more that 25 clients.

  • Owns and operates ≍ 71,673 km of Telecom Network
  • Points of Presence in 458 locations & Points of Interconnections in 780 locations
  • Intra City network in 256 cities across India
  • Backbone Telecom Network Availability > 99.5%

* All-India inter-regional capacity ≍ 110,750 MW (Source: CEA )                               

# include TBCB elements; exclude PG InvIT

  • Undertakes transmission of electricity through Inter-State Transmission System (ISTS)

Listed Company
  • 51.34% holding by Government of India and balance 48.66% by public.
  • Dividend paying since 1993


  • In-house expertise in transmission sector consultancy (Both Domestic and International)
  • Telecommunications business using existing Transmission Assets
  • Investment in Energy Efficiency
  • Investment in Smart Grid

National Transmission Dominance
  • Operates ≍ 90% of Inter-State / Inter-Regional networks
  • NTAMC, Manesar / RTAMC carrying out management of company's operating assets through State of Art Technology

EHV / HV Networks
  • Transmission System for CGS, IPPs, UMPPs and Renewable Energy Integration
  • Grid strengthening schemes
  • Inter-state, Inter-regional links
  • High Capacity Transmission Corridors for IPP Projects
  • Green Energy Corridors
  • Transmission Scheme for Ultra Mega Solar Power Parks
  • Developing / Strengthening International Links with neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
  • Provides in-house expertise in the Transmission, Distribution and Telecom sectors, including Planning, Design, Engineering, Load Dispatch, OPGW on intra-state Transmission network, Procurement Management, Operation & Maintenance, Financing and Project Management
  • Providing consultancy for implementation of intra-state transmission network
  • Undertakes Capacity Building Assignments
  • Provides services both Domestically and Internationally
  • Provides training, recruitment and studies
  • Providing consultancy for implementation of Smart Grid Pilot Projects
  • Energy Efficieny & Energy Audit
  • Telecom business leverages POWERGRID's nation wide transmission infrastructure
  • Operates as a neutral carrier in the point to point BandWidth Leasing Business(DLC)
  • Enterprise Services: MPLS VPN & Internet Services with built-in Quality of Service (QoS) and Class of Service (CoS) SLA parameters.
  • Offers choice to bandwidth (2Mbps to Multiple 100Gig capacities) and topologies (point to point, point to multipoint, and multipoint)

EHV: Extra High Voltage; HV: High Voltage; UMPP: Ultra Mega Power Plants; CGS: Central Generating Stations; IPP: Independent Power Producer; REC: Renewable Energy Certificates

Exploring New Business Opportunities
  • Smart Grid / Smart City Projects
  • Energy Audit & Energy Efficiency
  • Desert Power of India / Integration of Solar Power Projects
  • Dedicated Transmission System for Railways & other bulk users
  • Off-Shore Wind Generation Integration
  • Distribution(Wire Business)
  • Manufacturing of Transmission Products - TL Tower parts, Conductor, Insulator, etc.